Forums: Participating and Moderating



This is my first time being involved in an online forum.  Although I was intimidated to jump in and participate in the various forums, I did so from the beginning of my second week of the course, and I discovered that it is really just that initial post that is the most difficult.  I have continued to read the forums daily (much easier to go in daily and have new posts highlighted online), follow through on references, links, TED talks, and videos that my co-learners provide.  I make every attempt to get involved early in the forum’s timeframe, stay involved, and answer questions that moderators put forward.  I comment on others’ posts, share references to information that I have discovered, and relate my submissions to real-life personal and classroom experiences.

There are so many benefits to participating in the course forum.  The PIDP 3250 course forum has provided the opportunity to:

  • share ideas and get feedback from others interested in adult learning, but from many and varied perspectives
  • learn from others’ teaching experiences or thoughts
  • easily access the resources introduced by others
  • a sense of belonging to a community of learners


I am a little nervous about my upcoming task to serve as moderator.  I have learned through the past few weeks that I prefer when a forum has multiple sections and guiding questions, rather than one long and ongoing discussion.  I appreciate and feel more compelled to continue a discussion on a forum when the moderator comments on my post.  I will endeavour to post multiple sections/questions and reply as people post to encourage greater participation.


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