Digital Project Review: Flipped Classroom

Donna Perry’s digital project on flipped classrooms can be seen here and provided a lot of information on the technique.

I like the idea of starting with a focused question: does this type of teaching work in the 21st-century classroom?  With this technique, students get exposure to new material outside of class via videos and then use class time to do the “harder work”.  The steps:

  1. the instructor provides online lectures for the students to watch before coming to class,
  2. the students watch the videos in preparation for focused engagement during class time,
  3. active learning tools are used during class time: pre-assessment, group activities, and post-assessment.

Research shows increased test scores, and students report enhanced learning, more active engagement, and appreciation for increased opportunities for collaboration.  The time spent teaching also yielded greater returns.  Although more time was spent creating the online lectures, these could be re-used and students could rewatch as needed.  This provided more valuable in-class time for discussing and applying the material.  Students are able to learn at their own pace and can come to class with more insightful questions. Students must fulfill their responsibility to come to class prepared for this technique to work appropriately.  The flipped classroom ultimately allows for more dynamic learning.

I liked the platform used for this project- Go Animate.  I used it for my digital project in 3250 and found it relatively easy and adaptable.

I first became aware of the concept of flipped classrooms last summer through PIDP 3100.  Here is a link to the blog post I made then.

I am still interested in trying to include some flipped classroom components in the Speechreading courses.  I do believe that this technique would provide some much-needed time in the classroom for more active engagement; we would have more opportunities to practice the communication strategies that we talk about in class.  This is where the true learning will flourish.  Making time for active learning in the classroom will allow me to take advantage of all the great instructional techniques I’m learning about through this course.  Incorporating the flipped classroom needs to become a priority for my upcoming professional development time.  This project review was a timely reminder for me!


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