Digital Project Review: 3-2-1

Thea Brown’s piktochart infographic on the 3-2-1 instructional strategy was helpful in understanding this framework.

First of all, I loved the clean and clear message of the layout.  The icons matched the content and clarified the strategy.  It is not complicated to carry out, but the infographic provides an excellent reminder that all three of these steps are important: understanding, interest, and clarification.  It also addressed pros, cons, and best practices.

This approach to instruction encourages the student to reflect on their own learning, and this reflection is something that I have recently learned to embrace, as it enhances my own learning.  I want to encourage this in my students.  Essentially, each student should write:

  • 3 key concepts they have learned
  • 2 things they would like to know more about
  • 1 thing they are still unsure about

This provides an excellent way to assess how/if the students have processed the material.  The discussion component is important to clarify the concepts and address the uncertainties.  It gauges interest in additional areas, and identifies areas where teaching may need to be supplemented by additional or different approaches.

While this wouldn’t work for all the topics I address in the Speechreading course, I can see immediate application possibilities for several areas, such as how we hear, understanding the audiogram, and causes of hearing loss.  3-2-1 will definitely become a strategy utilized in Speechreading.


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