I am an instructor at VCC in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Department, and I am an audiologist. I teach classes for adults with hearing loss, along with their friends and family members. I teach my students how to explain their hearing loss to others, how to use a variety of strategies to communicate more effectively, and how to behave assertively. I love teaching these classes. I think I’m good at it. I’d like to be better – every step I take to become a better instructor and improve my course, the more my students can benefit.

I have not been a full-time student for a while, but I did spend a lot of time at university some years ago! I completed my B.Sc. in Psychology (’91) at Memorial in Newfoundland, and I did my M.Sc. (’95) and Ph.D. (’02) in Audiology at UBC.

I have completed several of the courses for the PIDP in the past year: 3100, 3210, 3220, and 3230. Next up: 3250!

I have enjoyed all the courses I have done so far. I am learning so much! Everything is practical and relevant to my teaching. I am learning how to improve my courses- from understanding how adults learn, determining clear learning objectives, choosing the best evaluation strategies, and deciding how to share what I know with my students.

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